Cavo strategy will change your life

It’s very easy to get profits without experience at forex market.


This indicator will help you to know the best trading trades in the Forex market where it shows the selling and purchasing power at the time it appears on the trading platform If you can’t pay by PayPal, you can pay via Skrill, Neteller and Perfect Money. ( contact us )
This indicator will change your life because it’s so easy to figure out the strongest trades on the MT4 , it’s been tested and its success rate is 88%.


This indicator is ours. Where it was discovered from only one side which is Cavo and was tried and tested on many trades on MT4 for months and we didn’t intend to sell it but we saw a lot of traders complain about the difficulty of the market so we decided to sell it to help them this simple indicator and also at a small price so that it is accessible to everyone and also made us with a course explaining how to trade with it for free.

How it works

The first way to Cavo Indicator

When a large down arrow appears, this is a supply area, we wait for a small arrow to stabilize after it (this means that there is a selling force at this time) we enter sell after the closing of this 4-hour candle.
  • We take 30 pips profit from this trade.
  • The stop loss is above the big arrow deal.
  • Number 1 in the photo is the entry point.
  • Number 2 is a stoploss.
  • Take profit is 30 pips.

Cavo template

It is very strong supply and demand lines that have been professionally drawn on the chart to determine the strongest areas of supply and demand.
Here, as shown in the picture When the price is down in the direction of the demand line, we suspend a buy deal on the line and take 20 profit points with the first touch of the line only No. 1 as pictured, As soon as price touched demand line for the first time went up directly.



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